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Below are generally-available Area 61 working documents, presentations and published World Service Office (WSO) forms.

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CategoryDocument TitleDateAdditional Information
Area 61 Policy ManualPolicy-Manual-2018-Edition-Updated-01-21-20209/6/2020Area 61 Policy Manual-Booklet Printing Tips
Group Records - Al-AnonGroup Records Change Form (GR-1)2019Use this form to register or make changes to an Al-Anon group
Group Records - Al-AnonAl-Anon Group Records Definition of Terms2012Definition of Terms used on the Al-Anon Group Records Change Form GR-1
Group Records - Al-AnonAl-Anon Group Records Change Instructions2012Instructions for filling out the Al-Anon Group Records Change Form GR-1
Group Records - Al-AnonUsing the Electronic Group Records Change Form GR-14/2012Instructions on how to save and submit the completed GR-1 Form electronically
Group Records - AlateenAlateen Group Record Change form 2020
4/22/2020Alateen Group Record Change form instruction 2020
Group Records - AlateenAlateen group registration form 20204/22/2020Alateen group registration instructions 2020
AlateenContact Area Alateen Process Person (AAPP) with questions.3/14/2018Midlake 2019 Save the Date Flyer
AlateenAMIAS application w/o fingerprint card1/1/2019Email the
Area Alateen Process Person (AAPP) for address to mail the completed application.
AlateenArea 61 Alateen Safety & Behavioral Requirements1/1/2019
AlateenParticipating Minors Information and Permission Form4/20/2019
AlateenAlateen Group Record Change form 2020

Alateen group registration form 2020
4/22/2020Alateen Group Record Change form instruction 2020

Alateen group registration instructions 2020
DR Report TemplateDR Report Template - View-Only4/17/2013Report Template for District Representatives - view only
DR Report TemplateDR Report Template - Updatable4/17/2013Report Template for District Representatives - update-able
Coordinator Report TemplateCoordinator Report Template1/28/2017Report Template for Coordinators - update-able
7th TraditionArea 61 Contribution Form2/19/2019Use for group and individual contributions to Area 61
7th TraditionArea 61 Suggested Group Treasurer Reminder Sheet1/26/2020Suggested guidelines for allocation of group funds
7th TraditionAFG Contribution Table Tent12/11/2014The Contribution Table Tent should not be displayed at local group meetings unless a group conscience decision supports its use."
ArchivesGroup History Form9/2007Form for documenting a group's history
ArchivesAREA 61 Personal History Form03/29/2020Archive form for individual's personal Al-Anon/Alateen history
ArchivesArchive Gift Submission Form9/2007Use this form when you give an item to Area 61
Area 61 GuidelinesAssembly Guidelines7/2017Guidelines for Assembly hosting Districts
Meeting TopicsLiterature TopicsReadings on gratitude, love and serenity
Meeting TopicsThe Twelve TraditionsStudy of the 12 Traditions of Al-Anon
WorkshopsAlcoholism and Loss2007WSO workshop based on the Opening Our Hearts, Transforming Our Losses (B-29) book
WorkshopsAlcoholism and RelationshipsWSO workshop based on the Discovering Choices (B-30) book
World Service
World Service Conference SummariesA link to the WSO Member's Site to choose yearly reports
World Service
Delegate's 2014 World Service Conference Report5/2014Powerpoint presentation
Expense FormArea 61 Expense Form3/2019
AWSC FormShared Room Occupancy Form8/2016
AWSC FormSpecial Projects Request Form9/29/2018
MISC DocumentsKnowledge Based Decision Making (KBDM)9/2016
Officer and CoordinatorJob Descriptions
Candidate ProfileArea 61 Candidate Profile (updateable)
Area 61 Candidate Profile (pdf format)

4/30/2018Candidate profile to be completed for Area 61 Officer & Coordinator positions.
Job Descriptions Delegate8/22/2021
Job DescriptionsAlternate Delegate/Forum Coordinator8/22/2021Also see WSO Guideline - Area Forum Coordinators (G-32)
Job DescriptionsChairperson8/22/2021
Job DescriptionsSecretary8/22/2021
Job DescriptionsTreasurer8/22/2021Also see WSO Guideline - Reserve Fund (G-41)
Job DescriptionsAlateen Coordinator8/22/2021Also see WSO Guideline - Area Alateen Coordinators (G-24)
Find additional resources at the WSO website.
Job DescriptionsArea Alateen Process Person (AAPP)8/22/2021Also see WSO Guideline - Area Alateen Coordinators (G-24)
Job DescriptionsArchive Coordinator8/22/2021Also see WSO Guideline - Area Archives (G-30)
Job DescriptionsAssembly Coordinator8/22/2021Also see WSO Guideline - Cooperation Between AA and Al-Anon (G3)
Also see Assembly Hosting Guidelines
Always contact the Assembly Coordinator for the most current version.
Job DescriptionsConvention Coordinator8/22/2021Also see WSO Guideline - Al-Anon/Alateen Area Conventions (G-20)
Job DescriptionsGroup Records Coordinator8/22/2021Also see WSO Guideline - Group Records Coordinator (G-36)
Job DescriptionsLiterature Coordinator8/22/2021Also see WSO Guideline - Area Literature Coordinators (G-6)
Job DescriptionsPublic Outreach Coordinator8/22/2021Also see WSO Guideline - Area Public Outreach Coordinator (G-38)
Job DescriptionsActive Past Delegate8/22/2021
Job DescriptionsWeb Coordinator
8/22/2021Also see WSO Guideline - Guideline for Al-Anon Web Sites (G-40)
Job DescriptionsTechnology Coordinator8/22/2021

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