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1How do I search the site?On pages with a Site Search box on the right side (like the Home page), enter the word or phrase you are searching for. Then click the 'Search' button. All pages with your search criteria will appear in the list. Click on the page title (in blue) to go to the page. Search words and phrases are not case-sensitive, that is, '12 steps' is the same as '12 Steps'.

Note that some pages with tables, like this one, also have a 'Search:' box. Searching here looks at this table's content only (not the entire web site).
2How do I find an Alateen meeting?Go to the Find a Meeting page (Meetings menu). Type "alateen" in the Search box. This will show you all Alateen meetings and Al-Anon meetings with an Alateen meeting at the same time. To locate the Alateen meetings, look in the 'Type' column for "Alateen Closed".

Another tip is to click on the 'Type' column heading twice. The Alateen meetings with be sorted at the top of the list.
3Where can I find the Area Business documents?Area Business documents are on the Area Business page (Members menu). To find a document, scroll through the list, enter a search word or phrase in the Search box, or click on any column heading to sort the list by that column.
4I thought we were going to have a map showing the location of all meetings in Area 61. Where is it?For the first phase of the web site redesign, we're transferring over our current site's functionality with a few bell-and-whistles. The Meeting Location Map will be reviewed for implementation in a future phase.
5How do I login to see the Assembly, AWSC, and Policy Committee Materials?First, you must qualify to be able to view the materials. All Al-Anon & Alateen members may view Assembly Materials. AWSC members (Area Officers, Coordinators, and DRs) may view AWSC Materials. Policy Committee Materials may be viewed by Committee members only (comprised primarily of Area Officers).

If you qualify, email your District Rep or the Webmaster from the Contact Us page to receive your login information.

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